Thursday, September 13, 2012

woman on the run

As dusk settles upon a sleepy little town, a lone woman checks herself into a seedy motel for the night. Her name is Veronica Hayden and she is on the run. Her husband, Victor Hayden, has gone missing. Rather than submit to police questioning, Veronica has gone into hiding. A private eye is hot on her trail, forcing her to keep on the move.

Veronica Hayden’s story and her reasons for running away are hinted at in this multi-media exhibition. The narrative of her life is presented in fragments. Details can be found in the miniature-scale town, video projections revealing snippets of Hayden’s trail and in clues left behind in the full-scale motel room.

Presented in the style of film noir, Veronica Hayden defies traditional stereotypes often found in modern cinema. Her role as either a femme fatale or good girl is not clear. That is for the viewer to discover and determine.

Woman on the Run was initially exhibited at Selfridges of London in 2008 and at Frieze that same year. It has since traveled to Smack Mellon in New York City, the 21c Museum, the Frist Museum and the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art.